1. Understanding of ports in Indonesia

According to government regulations no. 69 of 2001 on the port, which is port is composed of land and surrounding waters with certain boundaries as places of government and economic activity used as a lean ship, anchored, or up and down the passenger and cargo handling facility that is equipped with supporting the safety of shipping and port activities as well as the movement of intra-and inter-modal transport.

2. type of port

a. according to nature; namely; ports open and closed ports

b. according to the ministry; specific port and the common port

open port is the port where the ship – the ship can go in and dock directly without the help of the sluice door. While the port closed doors require water so ships can go in and dock. specific port is the port that is managed for the benefit of its own to support certain activities. . Examples of specific ports is CPO, coal, cement, etc..

pelabuhan smenspecial port cement (firdaustran81.blogspot.com)


pelabuhan batubaraspecial coal port (okezone.com)

public port is the port managed to serve the ups and downs of passengers or goods. Examples of common port is the port of Tanjung Priok, Belawan, Tanjung Mas, Tangjung Silver, etc.

belawanBelawan port (medanmagazine.com)


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